Benefits Of Hiring A Podcast Services Company (Rather Than DIY)

Benefits Of Hiring A Podcast Services Company (Rather Than DIY)

Starting your very own podcast can be a profitable venture that offers a range of benefits to the brands and hosts involved. Even though everybody seems to be starting a show in the comfort of their own home or office nowadays, please do not be fooled — podcasting is NOT easy. It requires way more than simply recording a conversation between you and a colleague then uploading that raw audio to Libsyn.

Sure, handling your new podcast in-house or doing it by yourself is possible if you have a strong work ethic, a solid strategy, and the drive to succeed behind you! DIY may be the more cost-effective route that carries along its own batch of pros and cons. But if you are like me circa 2016 and you are under the assumption that launching and managing a podcast on your own is a piece of cake, please take the time to read the following reasons why you might want to pivot directions and consider hiring a full-service podcasting company instead.

Here Are 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Podcast Services Company (Rather Than DIY):

1. You Will Have A Trusted Team Of Professionals To Make Sure Everything Is Done Right

If you read the recent article that we published all about what’s needed to start a podcast, then you most likely have a general idea of what it’s going to take in order to get your show going and keep it going. There are a bunch of important steps involved with starting a podcast, including buying the right equipment, creating eye-catching covert artwork, setting up the show on hosting and distribution platforms, audio production and editing, and promoting the show via social media and digital marketing campaigns. Is your head spinning yet?

The great part about hiring a podcasting services company is that they have the expertise needed to perform all of these tasks with ease. Whereas novice podcasters, like you and me, are writers, doctors, comedians, and other pros who may understand all of the factors involved in the startup and management process, there are experts out there who eat, sleep, and breathe podcasts for a living and are willing to help us turn our dreams into reality. 

If you are launching a brand new podcast that you are hoping will become a successful one (which, I’d imagine, is everybody’s intention who launches a podcast), then you will want to make sure everything is handled correctly, smoothly, and as efficiently as possible. Outsourcing all of the grunt work to a trusty team of podcasting professionals for a small price is the smartest way to guarantee that happens.

2. You Will Save Time And Effort To Handle Other Internal Projects That Require Your Attention

If you have the spare time to devote to learning the ropes and intricately tying them all together, then this may be no big deal to you — but I am willing to bet that you have a job that involves unique tasks that you, and only you, are in charge of creating, managing, or overseeing. How are you planning to re-arrange your schedule so that you can squeeze in the time necessary for show recording, producing, uploading, and marketing? All of these duties can easily take 3+ hours PER episode when everything is done the right way. 

By hiring a reliable company to handle the larger responsibilities of podcasting for you, you will gain back hours worth of that time and work you were originally planning to set aside. Put that energy toward the tasks within your company that need your personal attention, and let the show experts take care of the rest for you. 

All you will need to do is bring your expertise to the (recording) table, approve a couple of things before the episodes are uploaded to their respective platforms, then enjoy and share them once they go live.

3. You Will Eliminate The Stress Associated With Researching, Recording, And Reporting As A Beginner

In addition to ensuring that your podcast will be of the highest quality and saving your precious time and energy that’s involved in hosting it, why else should you outsource your podcasting efforts? Hiring a company to handle your show for you will grant you peace of mind, which is perhaps the most important reason of all! 

Podcasting is fun, but it can be stressful, especially as a beginner. It’s basically a full-time job in and of itself (which is why many hosts quit their day jobs to become full-time podcasters once their show takes off and produces enough revenue). As excited as you may be about starting a new project that you are passionate about, you still need to avoid burnout at all costs. Burnout is very real, and it can strike fast and without warning which may put a halt on your project, your day job, or even your life outside of it. If you are already balancing the stress and exhaustion of a 40+ hour work week and your life outside of your career, you are more likely to tap out of the podcasting ring early on before it reaches the level of success you are envisioning.

If saving your hard-earned money is more valuable to you than a clear headspace, then you may want to take podcasting into your own hands. And that’s great! However, keep in mind the reality of the situation is that you will need to do the research to teach yourself all of the skills you need in order to make it all happen, including but not limited to self-recording, audio editing, episode copy and show notes creation, audio-to-text transcription, monthly reporting, SEO, social media management, and more — all without a professional team to rely on for guidance and support along the way. 

Whatever You Decide To Do, We Wish You The Best Of Luck And All Of The Success In Your Podcasting Journey!

If you are interested in outsourcing your podcasting efforts, contact a reliable podcast services company like Seattle Podcast Company to discuss which plans and options are best for you. Save the hard work, time, energy, and stress associated with producing a successful show, and leave it up to the trained professionals. You will be glad you did.

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